Welcome To WholesomeGamer

It’s a brand new year and this is a brand new site! WELCOME! If you’re reading this, then you have just stumbled across one of the newest video games websites on the block, WholesomeGamer! This first post is a bit of a dedication and introduction to the site, which has been a bit of a pet project for me. I’m glad you could join me!

WholesomeGamer is a new site that focuses on games that feature content that is generally acceptable to most people; content that is “family friendly.” I use quotes because only you can dictate what is good for your family or not. Still, this site will feature news, reviews, and articles based on games that are mostly rated E for Everyone to some T for Teen.

WholesomeGamer was created to give a new perspective on games. Most gaming sites talk about the same games – the popular ones. Most of the mega popular games are those that feature gratuitous violence, gore, profanity, and sexual content. This in turn makes some people think that there aren’t any other type of games out there. This is what WholesomeGamer was made for. There are other games out there and we will show it here!

WholesomeGamer is not a crusade against violent or mature rated video games. Instead, it’s just an outlet for games of a different nature. WholesomeGamer hopes to spread positive thinking and educate gamers and consumers of all kinds about the great games that are available which do not feature mature content.

After being heavily involved in the community and writing for gaming sites over the past four years, I have seen the demand for sites that feature games with content that may offend fewer individuals. Many times I have been sent emails or have read comments through these sites I have written for or been a member of, about content that isn’t so graphic in nature. Maybe it was a concerned parent looking out for their child. Maybe it was an old-school gamer who liked the simple days. Maybe it was just someone who doesn’t always want to play graphic games or doesn’t want to play them at all. Whatever the case, there was a demand for more of these games and a demand for us to cover them.

This is not just for kids. This is for those of you who like all sorts of games. This is for those of you who like clean fun. This is for you families who want to find something appropriate for your kids. This is for the wholesome gamer.

I encourage you to stick around and see what we have in store. Read our “About Us” page, explore the site, read up on the ESRB, send us a message, or get out there and play some awesome games!

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