Solocast #1: Kicking Things Off

Solocast is back and it’s a little more official this time! The first official solocast features me doing a one man show again discussing a few of the following:

  • Being annoyed (find out why!)
  • Progress on the site
  • Video features to look out for
  • My thoughts on some new Nintendo announcements

Check out Solocast #1 below:


Thanks for listening, guys! Make sure to leave feedback in the comments below!



  • Nonscpo

    Agreed the whole wallcharger thing is pretty ridiculous, I hope Sony tries to pull some quick PR stunt through advertisements for the PS Vita. Nintendo deserves to be punished in the marketplace for even trying to do something so anti-consumer as that!

    • G.

      Thanks for listening! Hopefully they change that and put the charger back in the box after some time.

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