Project Cars – Start Your Engines Trailer

Project Cars, Slightlymad Studios’ multiplatform answer to Gran Turismo and Forza, is soon to be released. To rev up your engines a bit, Namco Bandai and Slightlymad have released a brand new trailer entitled, “Start Your Engines,” to help you get excited for the racing sim. You can check it out below:



Project Cars has been in development for well over 5 years now with the community helping to shape the game and according to the studio, features the following:

  • A huge variety of motorsports and reflected car culture with relevant rules and formats
  • The largest track roster of any recent racing game
  • A freeform career mode that allows you to choose your own path with Historic Goals to earn, Accolades to win, Endorsements to sign, and Invitations to receive
  • Competitive online with features such as ‘join in progress’ and invite-only sessions
  • Fully-dynamic weather and time of day
  • Race weekends including warmup sessions, practices, qualifying, and two-race format
  • Pit stops and pit strategy creation for different scenarios and events (eg.. endurance)
  • Deep tuning setup creation
  • Asynchronous play via the Driver Network – Time Trial mode with downloadable ghosts and regularly-scheduled Community Events
  • Save and share your proudest moments with photos and replays
  • Player tailoring and accessibility features – dial the game to your own particular skill and comfort level
  • Playable either at a cinematic 12K resolution or on a more intimate scale with Oculus Rift. Project Morpheus, or nVidia Shield
  • Support for over 40 different wheels and peripherals
  • Second screen support via apps created by the community through the Project CARS API

Project Cars is set to release on March 17, 2015 for Xbox One, PS4, and Steam. A Games for Windows and Wii U release will come later.


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