Nintendo to Discontinue Club Nintendo Rewards Program

Today, Nintendo announced that after six years, they are preparing to shut down their rewards program, Club Nintendo. But all is not lost because they are making way for a new loyalty program. In the meantime, Club Nintendo members in the United States and Canada can earn additional Coins through the end of March, and can redeem those Coins through the end of June. Nintendo of America will be announcing a new customer loyalty program at a later date.

Club Nintendo will function normally through March 2015 and will add a number of physical reward options for members in February. Members will also be able to choose from a lineup of many downloadable games. As a gift to Club Nintendo members, the Flipnote Studio 3D software will be available to download for free in February until June 30. The ability to create a new Club Nintendo account will end on March 31. All users who register to Club Nintendo before registration closes will be eligible to receive Flipnote Studio 3D.


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