WholesomeGamer Cast: Episode 1

The first official WholesomeGamer Podcast is finally here! No more listening to my drab voice solo (see: Solocast). Joining me for the first WholesomeGamer Cast is Jalen Bell, who I have worked with in the past on a couple of other websites. In WholesomeGamer Cast Episode 1, we talk about the following:

  • Video Game Reviews (and the controversy surrounding them)
  • The New Nintendo 3DS
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • and more!
  • (oh yeah and we talk about THAT GUY who didn’t show up. He knows who he is…)

So listen up, here’s the WholesomeGamer Cast Episode 1 for you to listen to right now:

Music Credit:  “Acid Mind
by Astral

2013 – Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

Enjoyed the podcast? Hated it? Let us know! We need your feedback to make our show better! Sound off in the comments below or send us an email! Give us topics to talk about, suggestions on features you’d like to see, etc. and thanks for listening!



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