Solocast Episode 2: Changes

Hey, guys! It’s Saturday so what that means, hopefully from now on, is a new episode of Solocast! I’ve made a few changes to the format of the show so I hope you enjoy it! Also, I’m really sorry about all the feedback/pop in the mic. I said a lot of words with “p’s” and “b’s” evidently. Don’t worry, I have a new filter coming in tomorrow (hurrah for Sunday deliveries with Amazon!)! So hopefully that will solve the problem.

This week on Solocast, I discuss some of the news from this week, the games I have been playing, changes to the cast, Virtual Reality, Window 10 news, and more! Make sure to check it out below:


Music Credit:

Test Drive
by Zapac
CC Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)


Again, feedback, I want it! Give me your thoughts and discuss the topics of the podcast in the comments below! Thanks for listening and see you next week!


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