Crash Bandicoot on Vita – Killing Two Birds With One Stone

The return of Crash Bandicoot has been one of the most talked about items among gamers on the net over the past several years. Fans want to see the once proclaimed PlayStation mascot in action again! What is Activision doing with the franchise? Did Sony get it “back”? Would Naughty Dog develop a new game? So many questions and tons of rumors abound but one constant remains the same: People want to see Crash back in a brand new game.

So, let’s say the rumors are true and Sony reached a deal with Activision to get the rights of Crash. However unlikely the following hypothetical scenario may be, I think it would be advantageous for PlayStation to take a risk and make a brand new and exclusive Crash game for the PlayStation Vita to kick off his return. Sure, we may have started out by playing him on the big screen but the Vita has proven that it is capable of providing a great experience, from some more hardcore titles that are more demanding on hardware and controls down to colorful platformers and adventure games like Crash.

Why the Vita? It’s no secret that the handheld barely made a blip on the map in Western regions and while it sells decently in its homeland Japan, it’s still far behind its competitor in sales. So again, why the Vita? Well, I just gave one reason right there – low sales. The Vita needs a boost, badly. It’s suffering and it has so much potential. I have said it several times over, while Sony has a few things they need to change regarding the Vita, one of the main problems it is facing is exclusive games from recognizable and popular franchises. Crash Bandicoot would definitely fit that bill. Certain games sell systems. Crash could be just the thing the Vita needs to boost sales and get other developers interested in the platform again.

What else? If you have visited the official PlayStation Blog recently, or any time over the past 3 years, almost every article has a comment saying the following: “Hey Sony! Where’s Crash (PS1 classic) for Vita?!” There are people who tirelessly beg for Sony to allow us to play the classic crash games on the handheld. If they’re this passionate about playing a classic game that is accessible on PSP and PS3 (also Vita in other regions), how much more so do you think they would want to play a new Crash done right on the Vita?

Tons of fans have been asking for a Crash game and there’s no doubt in my mind that gamers young and old would venture out to get a Vita if it had the return of Crash on it. Sony could kill two birds with one stone: Bringing the fans a new Crash game and breathing some life into the Vita. Now am I saying to keep Crash a Vita exclusive franchise? Absolutely not. I would love to see him back on the big screen and in wonderful Full HD too. Making an exclusive PS4 game sometime after the Vita release would be awesome as well. Would it ever happen that way? Probably not.

Still, I like to pretend that my words matter sometimes and that maybe Sony might take a gander upon them and think, “You know what? This guy’s right!” Hey, I did say pretend. In the end, no matter what avenue, I hope to see Crash return as do many of you. I would like to play a new Crash that remembers its roots and learns from the mistakes that came out of Activision’s time with the franchise. So hopefully our dreams will be realized one day and Crash will be Sony’s! Hey, Sony gave up Spider-Man to a degree to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s only right that they get something in return, right? If only.

Sound off in the comments below! Would you play Crash on Vita if that’s where his return debuted? What system would you want to play Crash on? Do you have any developers in mind that you would like to make the game if not Naughty Dog (my pick is Sanzaru Games)? Let me know in the comments below!

  • Delsin Rowe

    You deserved an award.

    • G.

      Haha! Not sure if sarcastic but thanks? :p

  • money talks

    Yes times two. I’d play all day.

  • BoyBigEyes

    I’m so happy for find someone that thinks like me! :) And if Sony do something like that, they aren’t only kill two birds, but three! Because i’m absolutely sure if that happens nobody will think about the prices of memory cards of the PS Vita. ;)

    • G.

      I’m glad you agree! :p

  • Jason Mounce

    If it were Vita-exclusive it’d just end up being ported to PS4.

    The only obvious solution is Crossplay between the two, buy one version and get the copy to the other platform and it connects to both so you can play it on the go. It would be considered one of those kinda games you can play in bursts if it saves progress with each level beaten.

    • G.

      The problem with that is, if it was on PS4, less people would purchase it for Vita and even less would purchase a Vita for it; which would defeat the point of trying to help move Vita units. :)

      Of course the above scenario would never happen (being Vita exclusive), so I don’t think you have anything to worry about. lol

      • Jason Mounce

        That is indeed the only issue about it. Which is why it won’t happen, since essentially all Vita exclusives worth-while did get ported to PS3/PSN/PS4 except the Uncharted game.

        I don’t recall worrying. lol

  • Crash is an interesting series that has gone from Mario enemy, to 3rd party generic platformer, how do we get the magic back?
    Crash has lost his edge, his iconic nature of the 90’s, and honestly I haven’t played a Crash game since the 90’s, he got lost in transition, and he doesn’t have that bad boy swing he did when Sony pitted him against Mario.

    If Sony did get Crash back, this is what should be rekindled, and sure put it on the Vita (with TV Compatibility please), but the question is, does Sony even want Crash back? Post PS1 Sony had embraced maturing mascots(brands), and maybe wanted to leave the kidding around to someone else. During the PS2/XBOX/GC era, system mascots had all but dried up (save Mario), and both Sonic and Mario and Crash could be played on one single console, so if this was something that ppl valued Nintendo should have swept the floor, but they fell to 3rd.

    Its clear that Sony’s push for more mature content and not relying on a single mascot enabled them to go even further, so I’m not sure really embracing the past is the best course of action, but that being said, a new (GOOD) Crash title couldn’t hurt.

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