Getting the Rock Band Back Together – Why It Should Happen

Ah, the glorious years of music and rhythm video games. Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Just Dance, Sing Star – these are just a few of the popular games that made us get with friends and rock the night away. But then it all stopped. Why? Well, mostly because everyone got tired of it. At least, that’s what everyone seems to be saying. Still, there seems to be a desire deep within many of us to get the band back together. Rock Band developer feels the same and if rumors are true, it looks like they’re bringing back the game.

Rock Band, along with many of the other music games, is a social experience that gaming is lacking these days. The experience of being in a room with friends and family, just having fun together. Local multiplayer games are dwindling due to the intricate networks that have been forged (thank Nintendo for being one of the old faithfuls) but they shouldn’t be gone forever. I remember having several great nights where my friends and I kicked back, had snacks, drinks, brought out the Wii and played Rock Band for hours into the night (yes, I played Rock Band on the Wii). We don’t have those nights much any more. True, times have changed. People have busier lives. It seems like everything else is consuming it. But it’s good for each of us to connect and Rock Band is one of those avenues which provides that experience.

I don’t believe a Rock Band game should come out every year or two. That would be overkill and that is probably what caused the burnout everyone suffered with these type of games. I also don’t believe that songs should be released each week as DLC, especially at these ridiculous prices we have seen in the past. However, if Harmonix is able to bring a fresh new take on the genre and while keeping that family friendly living room fun intact, I welcome it 100 times over.

It’s a new generation and a new time to start fresh. I think that Rock Band could come back and be successful once again if things are kept simple and with the right crowd in mind. The instruments don’t need to change but maybe offer new game modes and a wider variety of songs available day one on the disc. Make use of the new social world we live in that now has live games streaming. Maybe Harmonix could add something that takes advantage of the built-in “interact” button through the PS4’s share system on Twitch and UStream.

We could see the birth of a new (fake?) era of rock stars thanks to the sudden explosion of video games streaming, especially now that they’re built into new generation consoles. Virtual battle of the bands, anyone? There are a lot of new possibilities to bring the fun back with Rock Band and I’m looking forward to playing again if the rumors prove true. Some say that there will be an announcement at PAX East.

I’m ready to pick up the stringless bass again and strum the night away with my buddies. What about you? Would you dive back into Rock Band if Harmonix were to bring it back? What features or instruments would you like to see on the new generation? Sound off in the comments below!

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