Glitch Allows You To Stream Video Via Remote Play With Latest PS4 Update

If you’re a remote play junkie, you may have tinkered around and noticed that you can not stream video using the second screen function. For example, if you’re using remote play on your Vita or PlayStation TV and you try to launch Netflix, a screen will pop up on your device saying that the images have been blocked and can not be displayed during remote play. While this isn’t a big deal for most, the latest PS4 update (2.50) which added Suspend and Resume seems to have inadvertently opened up the way for a workaround to this “issue.”

The benefits? The PlayStation Vita does not have certain media apps that the PS4 has such as the highly requested Amazon Instant Video app. In addition, the PlayStation TV does not have a working app for Netflix. This has been one major cause for complaint. With this glitch, people who want to watch apps like Amazon Instant Video on their Vita or Netflix on their PS TV will be able to do so. Of course, you have to own both a PS4 and a PSTV or Vita for this to work. (Unfortunately, although SharePlay works in a similar way to Remote Play, this workaround has been tested through SharePlay and does not work.  So no watching videos together in a party!) You can see some of the proof of this work in the images below:


Netflix on PlayStation TV
Hulu Plus via Remote Play on Vita
Amazon Instant Video on Vita
PS4 Netflix UI on Vita via Remote Play


Here’s how it works:

  • When you are on your PS4, launch the video streaming service that you would like to view through your Vita or PlayStation TV.
  • After app has launched on PS4, press PS button on controller and go to the power menu. Select “Rest Mode”.
  • After letting the system go to rest mode, use the PS TV or Vita to boot up the PS4 with Remote Play.
  • Once remote play has started, go directly to that video app and you should be able to use it just like you would on the PS4.

Note: You can only do this with third party streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Video. First party services like PlayStation Video and PS Vue do not work and are still blocked. In addition, if you do not follow these steps and you try to launch from remote play without the Suspend/Resume function, you will be blocked from those other third party apps just like before.

Because this is a workaround and is now being published, do not expect it to last forever. Chances are, PlayStation will release a patch soon enough for this to be taken away. In the meantime, feel free to test it out!

Sound off in the comments below: Have you found any other interesting features with PS4 Update 2.50 that aren’t supposed to be there? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Thad Vanity

    But why would you want to?

    The only one without native app support is Amazon….

    And it’s not like someone with a PS4 & PSVita doesn’t also own a smart phone.

    Interesting but pointless…..

    • G.

      PS TV does not have Netflix support, Netflix app on Vita is known to be terrible.

      Dish, HBO Go, Vudu, Popcornflix, MLB.TV, NFL Sunday Ticket, PLEX, WWE Network, and Vidzone (among others) are also not available on Vita or PS TV in addition to Amazon Instant Video.

      Not everyone streams or has access to stream videos on their phones.

      • Thad Vanity

        So your seriously trying to present this as a legitimate technical solution?

        • Ryan

          Actually, it’s something I would be willing to do if it stays like this. It takes no more than 10 seconds in my case, and the vita is a better screen than my phone.

        • Reddy Red

          A technical solution? Doesn’t look that way to me. This just looks like something neat he stumbled upon.

          • Thad Vanity

            I agree. Interesting but pointless….

          • Shane Knuth

            Definitely not pointless. The entire reason I got a PS TV was to play games AND watch Netflix in my bedroom without bringing the PS4 out of my living room. Not being able to watch Netflix makes the PS TV practically useless. Any way to get around the limitations of the PS TV is very valuable.

        • Reddy Red

          Always gotta be some negative Nancy. #GamingCommunity

    • Ryan

      Pointless not for UK. No native netflix app here :(

  • Jim Layhe

    This shouldn’t be a glitch at all… Hopefully this was meant to be this way with the update.

  • A Parker

    I’m not likely to use this, but I always thought it was silly to prevent the vita from just steam whatever your PS4 is doing since they’re not doing much with native vita apps (nor would I install many since memory card real estate is at a premium on the vita).

    Nice coverage though, thanks.

  • Joe

    I’ve found I can just try to open Hulu plus over and over and after two or three tries if I do it fast enough I get through and can see the ps4 screen showing Hulu plus and can even navigate on Hulu plus. Can’t get that to work for Netflix though. :(

    • G.

      It would seem that PlayStation has patched this. So unfortunately the workaround doesn’t function as when this was first posted.

  • Jarrod Mcclimans

    Yeah it says PlayStation t.v. you would expect it to be able to play movies from Amazon and Netflix right out of the box. But to my disappointment nope!

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