Solocast Episode 2.5: A Quick Update!

Hey, hey, hey! I know I haven’t been doing the Solocast or WholesomeGamer Cast for a while, but I wanted to rectify that real quick. So here’s a quick Solocast filler episode for you guys to check out in the meantime. It’s not structured, I wasn’t prepared and I was rushing because I had to go to work but I hope you guys still enjoy it! Listen carefully too because there’s a code word waiting for you inside! ;)

So here it is, WholesomeGamer’s Solocast Episode 2.5:


Music Credit:

Impromptu in A
by DoKashiteru
featuring BillRayDrums, presse

CC Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)


Thanks guys! If you have comments, questions, suggestions, etc. leave it in the comments below!!!

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