WholesomeGamer Cast Episode 2: Bring Back The Throwback

Better late than never! WholesomeGamer Cast is back with episode 2! It wasn’t very organized (again – sorry!) but we threw something together! New guest, CJ, joins me as we take a walk down memory lane with some throwback games that we enjoyed playing in our younger years and some of those games that we would like to see brought back today. You can check out the full cast below. Make sure to listen for the code word too!

WholesomeGamer Cast Episode 2: Bring Back the Throwback:



Thanks for listening, guys! Please leave comments and feedback below!


  • Nonscpo

    The biggest thing you guys need to do is to be consistent, getting better happens over time, but if your serious you need to be consistent. For the podcast to take off you definitely need a minimum of two people on the show. Have a youtube chann

    • G.

      Schedules haven’t been able to line up unfortunately for consistency but we’re working on it. The rest will follow.



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