WholesomeGamer Cast Episode 3

We’re back for another episode of the WholesomeGamer Cast! Joining me is an old co-worker and friend, Damien Munoz. Damien is a long-time gamer and previously worked as an editor for a gaming blog. We discuss various topics in this episode covering video games music, TV and movies, and NFC figures. You can also listen in on an interview with Jason Michael Paul of JMP Productions as we discuss video games music concerts and The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Master Quest Tour (26 minute mark).

I think I had a mild stroke, so sorry about all of the “ums” in the podcast. Yeah, it really bothered me too. Ha! We’re continually trying to improve the content on the WGC and on WholesomeGamer in general, so apologies for any rough edges!

So, no more reading, get to listening!

Music Credit: “Fall For You
by Zep Hurme

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Creative Commons
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Links to Some of the Topics Discussed:


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