[Update] PlayStation Vita and PS4 Price Cuts May Be Coming This Year

[Update 05/25/15, 11:04 am: ]

Disappointing news for some, an update has come in the form of another tip from WholesomeGamer reader “Robert. ”

Since the story broke, it seems that the information that was on the originally leaked document has all been updated. PlayStation and its sponsors probably caught wind of the story and saw fit to update the information. The contest rules no longer lists the ARV (average retail value) but rather lists the MSRP (manufacture suggested retail price). These prices are a little more in line with current prices. The current information on the contest can be seen below:

new prices


The prices now show:

  • PS4 at $399
  • PlayStation Vita at $199

So for now, this seems to put to rest any hopes for a price cut – at the moment.

(Original story can be seen below) 



A major PlayStation Vita price cut and a moderate PS4 price drop may be coming sooner than later. Thanks to a tip from WholesomeGamer reader “Robert” we have reason to believe that this could indeed be coming.

Treat this as a rumor: PlayStation has an official retail loyalty site where verified video games retail employees in North America can sign up to learn about products and win prizes. On this retail loyalty site, a new promotion is running where members have the opportunity to win a PS4 and PS Vita among other items. When you look at the rules, it lists the value of these items – the ARV (average retail value). The ARV is generally the regular price that you’ll find items sold for in a store. For example, most stores sell the PS4 at $399. The PlayStation Vita can usually be found at $199. However, the rules list the ARV’s for these items at a lower price. They are as follows (seen in image below):


  • PlayStation 4 – $349 (a $50 price drop)
  • PlayStation Vita – $89 (a whopping $110 price drop)

You may also note in the picture that a PlayStation TV is listed at $99. This is the regular price for the PS TV bundle so it does not seem that there is a price change there (although most retailers sell it at a lower sale price). The rules do not mention which models of these gaming systems will be awarded, so it is entirely possible that the Vita may be the original model with a depreciated value versus the newer 2000 series (slim) for example.

Does this mean that a price drop really is coming? Maybe. Many expected at least a $50 drop for the PS4 sometime this year. Others have been asking for another Vita price cut but I still have doubts for a price cut that major, unless 1) It’s the older out of production model or 2) Sony plans on discontinuing the Vita altogether. Only time will tell.

E3 2015 arrives in just under a month on June 15th. It’s possible that we will hear more news at that time.

For now, sound off in the comments below! Do you think a price cut is coming?


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