Driveclub Bikes Out Now

Paris Games Week kicked off in full swing on Tuesday with the Sony PlayStation Press Conference. During that show a ton of new titles were shown, including an expansion and stand-alone game from Evolution Studios, Driveclub Bikes.

Rumors were swirling shortly before the reveal, thanks to a ratings board “leak”, where motorbikes would be introduced into Driveclub. That was confirmed yesterday as we got our first look and full details on the title – now available on the PlayStation Network.


Driveclub Bikes can be purchased as a standalone for $19.99 or if you already own Driveclub, $14.99. Here are some of the details as outlined on the PlayStation Blog:

  • 12 of the world’s best superbikes: Featuring bikes from top manufacturers including Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda, BMW, and more.
  • Full Bikes Tour campaign: We’ve designed a new game mode and loads of events to help you get to grips with bikes and ultimately challenge you to master every superbike in the game.
  • Unlimited Challenges: Create and compete in new challenges to show off and test your speed, agility, and skills with bikes.
  • Personalized events: Create your own events on any track, in any mode, at any time, and with near limitless weather conditions.
  • Multiplayer racing: Take advantage of the extra space on every track with opportunities to overtake on every corner in heated wheel-to-wheel action.
  • Customization: Personalize your bikes and your rider, including paint jobs, rider leathers, and custom helmets.
  • Clubs: Everything you do in Driveclub Bikes contributes to the success of your Club, unlocking new rewards, accolades, customization and challenges.

Driveclub Bikes is available right now on the PlayStation Network.

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