Possible First Look at ThatGameCompany’s Next Game

We may have just got a look at ThatGameCompany’s next game today in a documentary from PlayStation. ThatGameCompany is known for their artistic and unconventional games like Journey, Flower, and flOw on PlayStation platforms. After their work was completed with Journey, the studio announced that they would be self publishing their next title and many have been eager to see what they are working on.

We may have caught a glimpse at ThatGameCompany’s next project in a documentary that visited the studio. While speaking to various members of the development team, a couple of shots included work on a bear-like character that can be seen below:

thatgamecompanythatgamecompany 2 next game

It’s hard to say, but what do you think?

ThatGameCompany only has a placeholder for the game under development on their official site and no details about it. No doubt, we’ll eventually find out what game ThatGameCompany is working on in the future when they’re good and ready.

Sound off in the comments below: Do you think this is part of their unannounced project? What would you like to see from the studio next?

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