Rumor | Vita Being Discontinued, Retail Stores Not Restocking

PlayStation’s handheld gaming device, the PlayStation Vita received a lot of praise and at the same time criticism from the industry and gamers worldwide since its release in 2012. Slowly chugging along in its lifespan, some retailers seem to be letting go of the device, leading some to believe that the handheld is being discontinued, at least in the U.S.

Have you checked lately? While online availability seems consistent, large retail stores do not seem to be restocking the PlayStation Vita in their physical stores. Check your local Best Buy and GameStop stores, there is either very low stock or no stock for hundreds of miles around at least several major cities like Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Houston, and more.

After inquiring about this shortage at one Best Buy store, a sales rep said she was told the handheld was being discontinued and that they would no longer be restocking them. When asked if this was just an assumption on her part, she replied that it was told to her through a company newsletter.

Take that with a grain of salt as this sales person has no real authority to speak on behalf of the company but considering PlayStation called the Vita a legacy device last year, it’s not impossible to conceive the possibility either.

PlayStation has stopped reporting their sales of handhelds and all indications were that outside of Japan, the device sold relatively poorly. With the PlayStation 4 being Sony’s flagship gaming device and money maker, could the handheld be on its way out finally, at least in the United States or Western countries? We tried reaching out to PlayStation for an answer but got no response. We will update if we do hear anything.

Sound off in the comments below: What do you think? Is the PS Vita being discontinued? How would you feel if it was?

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