Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey Release Date Revealed

PlayStation VR is getting a good amount of support from game developers worldwide leading Sony to boast 50 games coming out from the headset’s launch through the end of the year. One such supporting developer is Crytek whose game, Robinson: The Journey, was featured on stage in the Sony booth at E3 2016. Robinson has been confirmed to be a PlayStation VR exclusive and now we know the release date.

Elijah Freeman and Fatih Özbayram from Crytek were on the Sony stage at E3 2016 showing off a demo of the VR exclusive title and answering questions about the game. One question that was answered and may have gone under the radar was the release date of this impressive-looking game.

At the end of the interview it was revealed that Robinson The Journey will be a PlayStation VR launch title on October 13, 2016 when Elijah Freeman said, “We’re lining with Sony to be a launch title.”

The price and whether or not the game will be available as a physical disc or download only have not yet been revealed.

You can check out the E3 2016 trailer for Robinson: The Journey below:


Go beyond boundaries in Robinson: The Journey, a brand new virtual reality game from Crytek. Harnessing the power of CRYENGINE, Robinson: The Journey will offer players an unparalleled sense of presence in a game world as they assume the role of a young boy who has crash-landed on a mysterious planet. With freedom to explore their surroundings in 360 degrees of detail, players will become pioneers by interacting with the rich ecosystem around them and unearthing incredible secrets at every turn.

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