Get Your PlayStation Move Controllers For PS VR Now, Before the Price Goes Up

Sony’s PlayStation Move motion controllers originally hit the market in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 but have been missing in action on store shelves for a number of years. With the new PlayStation VR headset coming out October 13, that’s about to change.

Many of the games that the VR headset will use will either require the PlayStation Move motion controllers or have them as an optional controller set.

PlayStation announced a PS VR bundle for $499 that comes with the headset, camera, and motion controllers. For those who already have a PlayStation camera, either never had the Move controllers or didn’t keep them but are planning to get VR for the PS4, you probably want to grab a set of motion controllers before the PlayStation VR headset hits the market. Why?

On Monday, Sony revealed, along with the release date of the PS VR, that PlayStation Move motion controllers will be once again stocked on shelves as a two-pack for $99.99. It’s yet to be seen if any modifications will be made to the controllers. Most likely, the charging port will be changed to micro USB versus the mini USB that was present on the original controller. Whatever the case, the same PlayStation Move controllers that were originally released in 2010 will still work with the PS VR.

My suggestion is, get a set now, before the price goes up any more than they already have. You can get Move controllers used or refurbished at a much lower cost now. I visited a local GameStop and they had a good dozen or so refurbished controllers on the shelves in sealed bags. The current price is $24.99 for the motion controllers and $9.99 for the navigation controller used.

Other sites such as Amazon also have refurbished controllers between the price of $22.99 and $30.99 for the motion controllers and around $19.99 for the navigation controllers (depending on the seller).

No doubt, you can also find these new and used on other sites such as ebay.

My suggestion is to get the controllers now before they go back on shelves and the prices go up. When the new ones go back on shelves, even these used prices will go up. I have already witnessed this considering the motion controllers were about $10 less at GameStop a few months ago.

Are you planning on getting PlayStation Move motion controllers for the PS VR? Sound off in the comments below!

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