What We Learned and Questions Remaining From the Nintendo Switch Preview Video

The Nintendo Switch has been revealed and the internet has gone into a frenzy, digging for more details than Nintendo has already given us. Although Nintendo and NVIDIA both gave a general overview with their press releases for the Switch, there are a few details that were left out of those press releases but can be seen from the preview video itself.

This is just a list of a few things we learned and questions that still remain from the Nintendo Switch Preview Video:


Multiple Controller Options

switch-controller-option-2 switch-pro-controller controller-option-mini-shouldersswitch-controller-option-3 nx_hardware

The Switch is a hybrid machine which can go from a home console, hooked up to your TV to a portable gaming machine. With that, there are a few different controller configurations that we have seen.

There’s an accessory that hopefully comes with the console itself where the two detachable controller sticks can slide on for one controller configuration as seen in the gif and hardware image above. Or when you’re on the go, the sticks can slide right onto the screen/portable unit. Further, those same sticks can be used as separate mini controllers for multiplayer on a single unit. The detachable mini sticks even have shoulder buttons! But for the more traditional gamer, there will still be a pro controller option.

The question now: How many controllers and configurations can be connected to a single unit? Is the limit changed when switching from a home console to a portable? What technology is used to connect the controllers?


Will Use Game Cards


Keeping in line with the DS family of machines, the Switch will be using game cards and we can only assume they’ll be very high capacity considering the games that have been shown. As seen in the image, the game card slot is next to a 3.5 mm headphones jack.

But the question still remains, will it be backwards compatible with 3DS, DS, or even Wii U or virtual console games?



Has Built-In Wifi On the Portable


No surprise, the unit has built-in WiFi. Obviously the standard uses for WiFi will be implemented such as Nintendo Network access, updating the console, downloading games, etc. To what extent this WiFi tech can be used is yet to be detailed but as our next point shows, maybe one way is for wireless local multiplayer.


Two to Four Portables Can Connect For Wireless Multiplayer


If this video is meant to be taken at face value, then the portable systems can be connected for local wireless play, not dependent on any internet connection or access point. At least two can connect together in that fashion if a park setting is to be believable (although many parks now have WiFi internet access). It’s reasonable to think that maybe the four guys in the gym locker room have access to a network connection but it would also be super cool if they don’t!

What kind of local and online multiplayer functions the Switch will have are yet to be detailed but surely looks like it will be a blast to play with friends either way.


New Mario Adventure Incoming


A new Nintendo gaming system without a new Mario adventure is unheard of and we likely just got our first glimpse at an upcoming unannounced Mario title.


Amiibos May Work


Don’t think that Nintendo is going to abandon one of its most popular products. Amiibos are likely here to stay and chances are, the same figures you have now will work on many games to come on the Nintendo Switch.


Portable Accessories


Like any gaming system, expect a lot of gaming accessories to come out for the Switch. We got a preview of at least one – a nifty screen holder.



Other Questions

Some other questions left to be answered are:

  • What are the hardware specifications?
  • What kind of storage will it use? Where will that storage be located?
  • What are the specifications and resolution of the portable screen?
  • What kind of battery life can we expect from the portable?
  • Other than a switch and likely a charger, what else does the home base act as?
  • What price will the Switch retail for?
  • When can we pre-order the system?
  • What’s the exact date we can get our grubby hands on this beautiful machine?!


There are many details yet to be revealed about the Switch but Nintendo will surely fill us in before launch in March. In the meantime, what did you notice in the Switch preview video? Did we miss something? What features do you want? Sound off in the comments below!

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