Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Will Probably Be Multiplatform

Fans around the world were ecstatic when it was announced that Crash was coming back. First announced during Sony’s press conference at E3 2016 and then shown off for the first time at Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2016, the original Crash trilogy is set to come out on PS4 this year. Vocal PlayStation fans and Sony Interactive Entertainment have been clamoring for the Bandicoot to come back but the decision was left ultimate up to Activision, the current owner of the franchise. Now that it’s set in stone, fans are excited with every bit of info we get about it. But one glaring bit of info is missing: All the platforms that the game will release on. 

You might be thinking, “What are you talking about?! It’s coming out on PS4!” You’re absolutely correct. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is indeed coming out on PS4 but who said it was an exclusive? Keep in mind a few things here: Crash has been a multiplatform franchise since its departure from the PS1. Crash has been on Nintendo, Xbox, mobile, and of course Sony devices since. In addition, Sony may have shown the game at expos and conferences but the remaster is being published by Activision and developed by Vicarious Visions. 

Well, the aforementioned alone doesn’t mean much – by itself. But there’s more. Probably the most convincing thing that makes me believe that the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will not be a PlayStation 4 exclusive and will appear on other platforms is how it has been promoted thus far. Nowhere and I mean nowhere has there ever been mention that this game will be only on PS4. Whenever PlayStation has some sort of exclusivity deal with a game, there is always some key language present. For example: Only On PlayStation. First on PlayStation. PlayStation Console Exclusive. Only on PS4. Exclusively for… These key words are always present whether in a game’s description, its packaging/cover art, trailers, or press releases when a game has some sort of exclusivity with PlayStation. None have been present thus far for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. 

This is not a bad thing as it will allow more gamers to enjoy the greatness of the original Crash trilogy. It’s possible that Activision is waiting until E3 and the full unveiling of Xbox’s Scorpio or a Switch showcase from Nintendo to give more info about other platforms that can expect to see the collection. We will have to wait and see.

We have reached out to Activision for comment but have not received any response as of yet. 

What do you think? Will Crash N. Sane Trilogy be PS4 exclusive or will it end up on other platforms? Sound off in the comments below! 



Update 02/22/17: 

Basically confirmation – PlayStation Ireland posted that the trilogy will be coming “first” to PS4 and PS4 Pro. 

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