My Only E3 2017 Wish: Give Me The Goods, Xbox

E3 2017 is fast approaching and as usual, gamers around the world are in eager anticipation. This year is odd for me though. Everyone usually has hopes and expectations for the big trade show but this year, I’m oddly content. I already know about a ton of games that will be gracing Sony’s PS4, I know Nintendo has big plans for the Switch, and there’s never an end to PC gems. I guess I really only have one wish. It’s a small wish. One little concern nagging me in the back of my mind. My only uncertainty lies with Xbox. I want Xbox to give me the goods at E3 2017.

My Xbox One has been sitting quietly on my media shelf for quite some time now. Every so often, I accidentally turn it on while dusting it off. But I’m not complaining. I’ve been busy with many games on other systems. Still, I can’t help feeling bad. I would like to use it. Even more, I am hoping to upgrade it to Project Scorpio. Imagine, 4K gaming on the most powerful gaming system on my recently purchased 4K OLED TV. I have even started to collect 4K Blu rays without owning a 4K Blu ray player, holding out hope that Project Scorpio will act as my player. But Xbox really has to convince me that upgrading to Porject Scorpio will be worthwhile. While specs are cool, I want the games. Both PlayStation and Nintendo are set with big exclusive games and content for at least the next year or two just from the games we know about already. Xbox however, is severely lacking. 

Microsoft needs to make E3 2017 all about the games – the exclusive games. Here’s hoping that Xbox will preemptively reveal the beefed up console with a sweet spot price point prior to E3 so that the show can be devoted to games, games, and more games. To a degree, they have already done with their spec reveal on Digital Foundry earlier this year. So maybe they’ll show off the design, features, and functions prior to E3 as well. Even if they leave a little for the E3 conference, I really hope it will be confined to a small segment, allowing the rest of the show to shine on the glorious games in store (you know, the boat load they’re just saving up to show us). 

You can do that, right, Xbox? After all of this time in silence… You’re plotting something. I know it! Something wonderful! Something amazing! Something that I can only do on Xbox One or Project Scorpio! Something that will convince me and many others to get that Project Scorpio and jump back into Xbox gaming! That’s my only wish for this E3. I’ll take whatever other surprises you throw at me with arms wide open but I just need this one. That’s all I ask. It’s not such a big thing to ask, is it?

What are you looking forward to seeing at E3 2017? Sound off in the comments below.

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