About Us

Welcome to WholesomeGamer.com! You have stumbled across the new kid on the block who’s just a little different from the rest. WholesomeGamer.com is a site for video games that are a little more refreshing rather than gruesome; Focusing mainly on “family friendly” titles.


What is WholesomeGamer?

Launched for the public on January 15, 2015, WholesomeGamer was founded by and is currently run by one gamer who wanted a change of scenery. Still, it is a site that gamers of all kinds can visit. It’s site that covers video games that are generally not thought to be offensive and do not feature heavy violence, profanity, or sexual content. In short, “family friendly” games.

Most games on WholesomeGamer are those that have been considered by the ESRB to have a rating between E for Everyone and some T for Teen games. 


What WholesomeGamer Is NOT

WholesomeGamer is not a crusade against violent or mature video games. You may see a lot of negativity in the media or from individuals about violent video games or those with graphic content. However, while this site caters to games which are on the opposite side of that spectrum, it is not here to attack the choices of others. Rather, WholesomeGamer encourages positive attitudes, which are severely lacking in the gaming community. 

WholesomeGamer is also not a large site in which you’ll find constant news updates and reviews. This site will be regularly updated with content, but it is still currently a one-man show. Do not expect to see every single gaming news item posted here.

WholesomeGamer is not telling you what is and what is not acceptable for you or your family. Only you can decide that. 


Who Runs WholesomeGamer?

WholesomeGamer is currently run by one guy that you’ll come to know as, “G”. A computer tech major, G has been gaming for decades and writing for, editing, and helping to build gaming websites for the past four years. After all of this time though, he decided he wanted a change of scenery. He saw that most sites focus on and promote games that feature a lot of violence, profanity, and sexual content, while giving those great games with a kinder tone little notice. So he decided to do his own thing! 

While he has written for gaming sites and even a county newspaper at one point, G doesn’t consider himself a games journalist or professional. Rather, he’s an avid gamer with a passion that he wants to share! He’s just like you! 

Although WholesomeGamer is currently a one-man show, there’s always room for growth. Guest writers are welcome and maybe there’ll eventually be a staff! Who knows where the future will lead?!


Why WholesomeGamer?

Let’s start by defining the word, wholesome:


 adjective \ˈhōl-səm\

  • helping to keep your body healthy : good for your health
  • morally good
  • suggesting good health or behavior
  • promoting health or well-being of mind or spirit
  • promoting health of body
  • sound in body, mind, or morals
  • having the simple health or vigor of normal domesticity
  • based on well-grounded fear
  • prudent <a wholesome respect for the law>

Again, WholesomeGamer encourages positive thinking and positive actions. To summarize: WholesomeGamer is a site that hopes to be good for your mind and soul. Games that feature critical thinking, promote physical activity, low stress, and are generally acceptable to families with children will be featured through WholesomeGamer. 

There are hundreds if not thousands of video game websites and magazines around the world, however most of them focus on what’s popular. What’s popular are mostly games that feature gratuitous violence, blood, sex, and profane language. That’s not to say there aren’t family friendly video games that are popular, there absolutely are. Still, so many great games get overshadowed by the gun-toting hero of the day featured in the top selling video games.

With all of those other sites out there, WholesomeGamer was created to let those family friendly games that might go under the radar (and even those that don’t), shine. This is a place where people who enjoy wholesome gaming can indulge their passion. This doesn’t exclude individuals who like Teen or Mature rated games. There are people who like to play all types of games and we welcome them here at WholesomeGamer!


So “Family Friendly” Means Games For “Babies”?

Welcome to the internet, where games that aren’t rated M for Mature are called, “baby” games. This is absolutely ignorant thinking and generally is perpetuated by trolls. Video games that may be rated “E” can be enjoyed by everyone from kids to adults. There are so many types of games out there, you can’t throw them all in one pile of classification. 

While there are definitely games targeted at children, there are also family friendly games that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. In fact, many E-rated games are a little advanced for many children. Ratings only describe the content in the game. 



While WholesomeGamer tries to keep its content as clean as possible, it does link to outside sources from time to time. These external links may contain content inappropriate for children and offensive to some. WholesomeGamer does not control the content outside of this site. Please be aware and surf responsibly.

So What Now?

So stick around! WholesomeGamer is brand spanking new and will continue improving on features as time progresses. Stick around and enjoy your stay!





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